Rockstars' Garage: Frank Sinatra's Dual Ghia

The Dual-Ghia is a rare, low volume car that was produced in America between 1956 and 1958. Eugene Casaroll formed Dual Motors in Detroit, Michigan to build an exclusive car at a reasonable price. The Virgil Exner design was based on a Chrysler show car, the Firearrow.

Out of the 117 cars produced it is believed that approximately 32 still exist. American celebrities, such as Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, Richard Nixon and Desi Arnez bought the cars.

These European Style with American Muscle cars are just plain elegant. With that Chrysler power it is also reliable. The Dual-Ghia is rare and this one is in particularly good condition.

Sinatra’s dice remained hot in 1957. His best remembered work of the year is probably his Capitol album Come Fly With Me. I have always loved the Lockheed Constellation on the cover. The album’s theme was a musical trip to exotic places, and then back home. Sinatra’s Dual Ghia was sort of an exotic place all by itself. The car is an interesting mix of Virgil Exner’s designs, Ghia’s prototypes and Chrysler drivetrains. It is an interesting story that we do not have time for on this tour.