Plymouth XNR Concept 1960


This concept car was built in 1959 by Ghia and was presented in 1960. The red XNR, designed by Virgil M. Exner, was powered by a 170 Slant-Six engine prepared to NASCAR specs, which pumped out 250 horsepower. On Chrysler's testing track, the car had a top speed of 150 mph.

Though XNR rode the Plymouth Valiant's tiny 106-inch wheelbase, prominent overhangs stretched its overall length to 195 inches. Height was just 43 inches to the top of the fin.

The frame of the XNR's grille was constructed of heavy-duty materials and doubled as the car's front bumper. The 'X-motif' rear bumper was a visual reminder of the car's name and essentially asymmetric nature.

The driver sits behind a dramatically curved 'personal' windshield; a smaller, fold-down windscreen was available for the protection of a passenger. Additionally, the passenger sat somewhat lower than the driver - a design thought to minimize the negative effects of the wind.

Chrysler decided there was just no market; even if there had been, the styling would likely have seemed just too far out to sell well. Finally, Exner's abrupt firing in 1962 killed any chance the design might have had for being refined into something more practical for production.