1981 Honda CX500 "Howler" by Nathan Godillon

Although a first timer in the custom motorcycle world, Nathan Godillon has quite a bit of automotive modification experience under his belt. Kicking off his career path on a panel beater apprenticeship he eventually moved on to working at a custom shop modifying everything from Japanese drift machines to Euro track cars. Working later as a car salesman he was able to save up enough scratch to start his own custom auto shop Fahren Customs. Tragically the massive floods that swept through Brisbane a couple years ago put over 6 feet of water in his shop, destroying everything and forcing him to close up the business. Nathan currently holds a desk job at BMW where he began looking into 2-wheeled transport to help ease the parking woes of the city. First hopping on an Aprilia SR50, and later a Yamaha YZFR125, Nathan found he was missing something. That something turned out to be acceleration.