Rockstars' Garage: Keith Moon's Ferrari Dino and his garage

Keith Moon of The Who was a brilliant drummer but also a man who liked to throw sticks of dynamite into the toilets in hotels or changing rooms. He also managed to total his 1972 Ferrari 246 Dino in less than a month, but this picture was worth it.

It's all a bit blurry. What happened to the Ferrari is much cleared though. According to his mechanic and friend Peter 'Dougal' Butler...:

"Moon and I had the Dino for only four weeks. Then I got a call. Moonie says, 'Dougal, you ain't gonna believe this . . . but, well, there was a couple of bikers outside—nice fellas—and they just wanted to have a go with the Dino. So, I let them. But unfortunately they didn't see the roadworks sign and they put it straight down a fucking ditch! Complete write off!!"