Pelizzoli Corsa GP Oro

"In the world of the Italian racing bicycle, Giovanni Pelizzoli is a living legend. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of riding a Conti, Concorde, Ciöcc or a rare Paganini, you’ll attest to the ride quality of his frames. After 45 years, Giovanni now produces frames branded with his own name and Finland’s Jan-Erik Lindroos has given the Pelizzoli Corsa GP a golden touch.

The Corsa GP is Giovanni’s top-shelf road model, a spritely frame constructed from Columbus Spirit tubes. It’s as modern a frame as its carbon fiber stablemate, the Merena, but Jan-Erik’s interpretation evokes an era closer to Pelizzoli’s founding year of 1967. Jan-Erik may be 5 years too early — Pelizzoli World turns 50 in 5 years time and this would make a fine commemorative ‘Oro’ edition.

Each component is considered: wooden Cerchi Ghisallo rims, high-flange Campagnolo Tipo hubs, Record and Chorus derailleurs linked by a gold Regina chain and Soma’s Major Taylor bars. As well as hand-polishing many of the parts, including the hubs, seat post, brake levers and shifters, Jan-Erik also made the leather bar wrap and toe straps by hand.

Jan-Erik has nothing but praise for Giovanni, Alessandro and the team at Pelizzoli World. As is often the case when mix-and-matching group sets and manufacturers, compatibility issues meant the build process didn’t go ‘like in the movies’ but Jan-Erik assures me it has come together well and when he’s out riding his Corsa GP Oro, “all efforts, sweat and tears are faded behind my wide smile on the road”."