1963 Garelli 50cc Record Breaking Racing Motorcycle

In the early 1960s, with the reconstituted Garelli now under the control of Daniele Agrati, it was decided to return to the track in search of world records, which had been one of Garelli's major competition activities in pre-war days. In November 1963 two 50cc Garellis specially prepared by engineer William Soncini, running on alcohol fuel and equipped with large-capacity fuel tanks and all-enveloping 'dustbin' fairings, set eight world records at Monza, including a new 24 hours mark at an average speed of 108.834km/h (67.59mph), which has yet to be broken. The riders were Gianemilio Marchesani, Luigi Pastori, Robert Patrignani, Giulio Parnigotti, Luciano Spinello and GianPiero 'Zubani'. In order to wring every last ounce of speed from the tiny machines, a second set of footrests was fitted on brackets extending back towards the rear wheel, enabling the riders to obtain a lower, more aerodynamic riding position. To facilitate the night-time running necessarily involved in any 24-hour record attempt, a solitary headlight was fitted in the fairing's nose, as may be seen on this machine.